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We are now Disney travel agents!

As part of our ongoing journey with Disney vacation planning, Ray and I are excited to announce that we are now independent Disney Travel Agents, affiliated with the Magic for Less Travel Agency.  In addition to providing you with lots of free information on Disney travel planning, which allows us to share our experience with and passion for Walt Disney resorts, we can also assist you directly with your travel planning.

If you are interested in receiving personal travel planning assistance, in obtaining a free quote, or have specific travel planning questions, please feel free to email us directly at or fill out a no obligation quote request, and we’ll be happy to help you.

In the meantime, we hope you continue to enjoy our travel planning podcasts!

Ray and Rachel Pilgrim

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Episode 101: Informal Disney Meet Ups, Blue Sky Cellar, and Lucky Fortune Cookery

Mouse Travel Tips Episode 101: Informal Meet Ups, Blue Sky Cellar, Lucky Fortune Cookery (click to listen or right click to download).  We take a look at meeting like minded Disney Fans. We then go to Disney California to view the Blue Sky cellar, and then grab something to eat at the Lucky Fortune cookery.

Thank you for your support ad listening to the podcasts. If you enjoy the show we ask for your feedback whether it on the website or on our Facebook account. We also ask that if you enjoy the show to leave a review on iTunes or on Zune.



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    Episode 101 – coming soon!

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  • We have it all recorded, but got sidetracked loading it when Ray went to Disneyland over Labor Day weekend to run the Disneyland Half Marathon.  We should get Episode 101 up today or tomorrow, and will do a fast follow on with Episode 102 to get us back on track.

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  • Episode 100: Favorite Attractions

    Mouse Travel Tips Podcast Episode 100: Favorite Attractions (Click To listen or right click to download). We made it to 100 episodes of tips and attractions.  For this episode we went through every park and gave our favorite attractions.  We list every park on each coast.  Do you agree with the list? Let us know what your favorite attractions are.

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  • He watched her slowly open her eyelids and settle her emerald gaze on his. I m complimenting you on your ability to get my attention as far away from sex as possible.
    Thank you for your support ad listening to the podcasts all 100 of them. If you enjoy the show we ask for your feedback whether it on the website or on our Facebook account. We also ask that if you enjoy the show to leave a review on iTunes or on Zune.

    Twitter: RayMTT
    Facebook: Mouse Travel Tips



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    Episode 99: Best Park Restaurants

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  • Mouse Travel Tips Episode 99: Best Park Restaurants (click to listen or right click to download). As we continue our march to episode 100, we list our favorite restaurants in each park from the sit down to the counter service.  We list both sides of the coast with Walt Disney World and Disneyland and why we feel they are the best restaurants.

    As always thank you for listen to the show and thank you for your patience as we get the show back on track in a different format.   If you enjoy the show we ask for your feedback whether it on the website or on our Facebook account. We also ask that if you enjoy the show to leave a review on iTunes or on Zune.

    Twitter: RayMTT
    Facebook: Mouse Travel Tips


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  • Podcast:

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    Episode 98: Attractions Not On the Touring Plan

    Mouse Travel Tips Episode 98: Attractions Not on Touring Plan (Click to listen or right click to download). Welcome back and sorry for the delay. We continue our trek to episode 100. In episode 98, we talk about the attractions that just don’t make it to our touring plans.  We go through each pack on both coast and gives our selection.  It is not that the attractions are bad, but just not for us.  Let us know which attractions make your list.

    Sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience.  We lost our MacBook which we recorded on and caused this delay.  In the mean time we are recording on our PC and it is not the same.  Unfortunately, we are unable to post pictures with our podcast as before.

    As always thank you for listen to the show. If you enjoy the show we ask for your feedback wether it on the website or on our Facebook account. We also ask that if you enjoy the show to leave a review on iTunes or on Zune.

    Twitter: RayMTT
    Facebook: Mouse Travel Tips



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